Quality is the most important component of Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan (SSA) and it is the ultimate outcome of the efforts and resources spent on improving the overall education standards in State. Based on various studies and Surveys, there is need to work hard on Quality across the State.

Keeping in view of the findings, we are focused to get the desired result.

What needs to be done for quality in education?

Keeping these in mind, the quality plan needs to be designed for the state. As per RTE Act needed is an approach that promises 'Whole School' for 'Whole Child Development'. We need to design an outcome based approach that ultimately demonstrates desired results at school level.

Accordingly it has been planned to design the Quality Plan for the state that enables schools to demonstrate the eight quality related milestones indicated in the RTE Act. Ultimately it needs to be a school that has an enabling environment for all children to realize their right to protection, participation and ensure happy learning. This need to be in line with the holistic, child-centered approach emphasizing linkages between home, school and the larger environment with the focus expanding beyond formal school into spaces where different kinds of learning takes place. The following can be the key pillars of the quality programme.

• Learning Environment

• School Environment

• Teacher Support System

• Support from Community and Civil Society

• Quality monitoring system