RTE to succeed with people’s support and ownership. The RTE mandate for age appropriate admission of every out-of-school child, special training for each child to enable his/her to cope in school, promoting child-friendly child centered and activity based learning processes, which is free of anxiety, trauma and fear sets the agenda for proactive community participation. Community participation would be a central and overarching factor in planning, implementation and monitoring interventions for universal elementary education. SSA is working towards enhancing participation of the community, parents, teachers and children by awareness generation and interventions for community mobilization.

According to Right to Education Act each School formed School Management Committee. The Tenure of the SMC is 3 years. A Committee have 16 members which are as follows –

• 12 members from parents,

• 2 teachers - Headmaster and Assistant teacher,

• One Member of Bal Sansad

• One member from Local Authority.

SSA provides training to the members of School Management Committees, PRIs etc. The norms provide 3 days training of 6 persons from each SMC. SMC members are generally sensitized and oriented on their role and functions, Children Enrolment, Retention and Completion of their Elementary Education. Apart from that members to be trained in Swachhta Abhiyan, Child Right, Grant and there use etc.

Apart from that various Awareness Programme are taken up such as Vidyalaya Chalen Chalain Abhiyan, Bal Samagam, Kasturba Sangam, Nukkar Natak, PRIs Sammelan and SMC members Sammelan.